Zoono Z-71 5-Litre Bottle Microbe Shield Virus Protector

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PRODUCT DETAILS & SPECIFICATIONS Zoono Z71 Microbe Shield Surface disinfectant and protector 

 Zoono Microbe Shield is both a disinfectant and an antimicrobial surface coating.  The technology is designed to kill microorganisms as any other conventional disinfectant except one dry leaves an antimictobial layer that remains active as a biocide for extended periods of time depending upon the environment treated. 

 The technology is based on a silicone polymer capable of binding to most surfaces by covalent bonding.  This enables the layer to withstand on-going cleaning procedures that are paramount to ensuring optimum antimicrobial activity.  The technology is not in any way a replacement for cleaning, to include most conventional sanitisers and detergents if need be. Zoono Microbe Shield enhances any hygiene process by providing on-going antimicrobial activity between cleaning to help combat microorganisms coming into contact with the surface from people, the air and any other source of contamination. 

 Zoono Microbe Shield is a water based disinfectant that is safe to use and once dry continues to be active.  The product has been tested to EN 1276, 13697, PAS 2424 and 14476 against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and enveloped viruses. 

 In the absence of any official EN/BSI test for residual antimicrobial activity, Zoono MIcrobe Shield was tested by reverse engineering an EN test for non-porous surfaces EN 13697 by a UKAS accredited UK laboratory, as this includes full experimental validation and control. The test verified that Zoono Microbe Shield remained active for up to 30 days​ ​against bacteria.  In areas where there is more rigorous physical cleaning, or where there is a higher infection risk application frequency may be increased based on a risk analysis. 


* Testing has been carried out in a “live” high contact environment and further testing will be undertaken in accordance with EN and BSI guidance once authorised and regulatory approved methods are available. A technical report on the testing and results are available upon request. 


 It is extremely important to thoroughly clean the surface area  prior to the application to remove any interfering soils so that the polymer can bind to the surface.  Once dry Zoono Microbe Shield can be applied by spray and wipe with a microfibre cloth or for larger areas using “whole technologies” or more recent application technologies such as electrostatic spraying. Once dry the surface will have established the antimicrobial polymer coating. 


Conventional cleaning can continue after the surface is treated and dry and is essential as part of any hygiene procedure and to maximise the antimicrobial activity of the polymer coating. 

 NOTE: ​Zoono Microbe Shield is used in conjunction with routine cleaning procedures and does not mean that as a result cleaning frequency can be reduced. 

Uses include:



Door & tap handles.

Any other common touch points.


Electrical equipment  - (Computers, laptops, Phones, Printers).

Vehicles - ( Cars, Lorries, Vans, Fork Lift Trucks, Taxi, Mini Buses, Coaches).

Other Application Industries.

Retail, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care, Medical, Sports Facilities, Transport & Aviation Industry, Plus many more ares requiring all touch touch points & hand held items protected.

Use Zoono safely. Always read the label.

Currently available in 5 litre bottles only.


Please email sales@htspares.co.uk for all enquiries.

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