SaniMist Professional Sanitization Unit

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SaniMist Sanitization System       

1. Fine Micronized Aersol Mist.

2. One Single quick operation the entire area is Sanitize- No Need to Wipe , Dry Surfaces.

3. Speed and Efficiency.

4. Reduction in chemical consumption by up to 95 %.

5. Saving Labour time and Money.

6. Environmental friendly.  


High contact surfaces are effortlessly and efficiently sanitized.

Perfect for the disinfection and odor control of Car interiors.

Can also be safely sprayed through climate control air ducts of automobiles, as well as Traffic & Transport Industry, Aviation & logistics, Domestic Houses, Commercial buildings, Retail Properties, Hospitals, Care-homes,Engineering, Manufacturing ,leisure, Hotels, Hospitality Events, Doctors Practises, Veterinary, Dentists, to safely  Sanitize and deodorize all surfaces.

Compatible and safe for use with a wide variety of disinfectants, including hydrogen peroxide solutions, qua-ternary ammonium and chlorine-based solutions.


The exclusive nozzle is the point at which the solution is mixed with air, resulting in an aerosol mist.

The oversized easy to press lever on the handheld trigger mechanism provides one-handed operation and control.

The spiral tube connecting the nozzle to the machine contracts down to a very small size when not in use but can be elongated up to 3 meters during use to reach areas which would normally be impossible to target.

This mist is diffused quickly and evenly throughout the target area, remaining in the air before settling on surfaces, even in the hardest to reach areas, thereby disinfecting them.

Built-in hook to stow the cover lid during solution filling (SaniMist model). Easy to access inner compartment makes maintenance and solution filling a very easy task.

Convenient hand-nozzle support.


Voltage - Frequency V-Hz 230 - 50 

Compressor power 350 Watt 

Pump power  16 Watt

Total power  366 Watt

Compressor flow rate liters/min 55 

Pump flow rate ml/min 40 

Solution tank capacity liters 3 3

Solution consumption rate ml/min 40

Equipped with integrated timer Yes

Programmed time interval minutes 20

Spiral tube maximum length m 3 3

Power cord length 10 Metres

Dimensions cm 37x37x81

Weight 18 KG



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