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Speed Spray Electric Sanitsing Fogger & Sprayer

Dual purpose fogger & sprayer for disinfectant & sanitiser application.

In addition to direct human-to-human transmission, contaminated surfaces also pose a risk of transmitting viruses and pathogens. Especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is of great importance: Studies show that SARS-CoV-2 viruses can survive for several days on surfaces that we come into daily contact with.

Disinfecting areas can be undertaken with a range of different disinfectants. Application of the disinfectants comes down to 3 main methodologies - wiping, spraying & fogging. Spraying & fogging have the advantage of speed, covering large areas quickly & effectively.  Atomising the disinfectant at 10-30 microns is the optimum to achieve this. The Sanique dual purpose disinfectant fogger & sprayer is specifically designed to achieve this rate giving cleaners the capacity to use either fogging or spraying application depending on the particular requirement of area being treated & type of disinfectant used. The other important point is the rate of spray penetration into hard to reach areas so that the disinfecting process is completed properly. The Sanique S-3 sanitising fogger & sprayer achieves up to 95% penetration to target area.

The Sanique S3 Electric Fogger & Sanisiing Sprayer  has been created specifically for the application of all government approved disinfectants and other sanitising fluids that will ensure maximum surface coverage and fogging in one pass.

 Sanique S3  disinfectant fogger & sprayer is supplied ‘ready to go


Slow-stroking durable DC Motor

The S3 electric sanitising fogger & sprayer has a powerful, slow stroking motor, which is fully enclosed, with a durable gearbox with a single gear. Simple and reliable for long, serviceable life.

Large, Slow Stroke Piston.

Unique in small sprayers, the S3 electric sprayer has a large, slow stroke piston delivering class leading performance. And with added benefit of greater durability. Less pump strokes per litre of sanitiser means less wear & tear hence less downtime.

The S3 Unit has a set Pressure.

Extension Spray lance allows you to reach into hard to reach places.

Easy Maintenance for Long Life.

One hour’s worth of continual spraying.

Mobile and quick to deploy.

Fast way to dispense disinfectant.

The S3 packing kit are easily adjusted from the outside of the pump, extending the life of the packings, reducing repair costs and downtime.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row].

The Sanique S-3 Sanitising Electric Sprayer has been designed to meet the demands that the professional first res-ponder sanitising contractor faces. It’s delivered as a totally stand-alone unit that’s ready for immediate use (the only extra is the appropriate disinfectant and a power source).


◼ Rapid deployment

◼ Tough construction copes with rigorous on-site situations

◼ Light weight - under 12kg for easy handling by operatives

◼ 15m hose ensures minimum movement of machine - set up, and it’s simple to work on sanitising within the reach of the hose with only the gun in your hand

◼ Includes a specifically designed spray tip that ensures maximum surface coverage and fogging

◼ Full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


◼ Machine complete and ready to go for all sanitising procedures

◼ 15m hose for maximum flexibility, (Option 30 metres of hose if required

◼ 380mm (15”) lance to ensure reach into those otherwise hard to-get-at areas

◼ Ergonomically designed gun to minimise hand and wrist fatigue

◼ Specific sanitisation spray tip to ensure correct atomisation (Between 10-30 Microns)


  • weight             11.4 kg
  • atomisation   between 10 & 30 microns
  • motor             240 - 110 v - 700 Watt
  • spray tip          fan width 10"/ 25.4cm
  • set flow rate   0.34 litres per minute 
  • coverage        30/40 sq metres per minute
  • pump              1100 psi 
  • cable length  2.2 metres
  • warranty         2 years

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